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  • How is your soul?

    "I have realized that I don't know how to stop or disconnect from ministry. The loss of taste for doing simple things in life has been evident. I feel isolated, lonely, meaningless, dazed. I have lost all perspective. These have been my thought patterns over the past few weeks. Intense days...doubts...fears. Are you there Father?" 

  • 4 Questions for Pastoral WellBeing Resolutions

    Pastoral life is extraordinarily complex making it difficult to sum up pastoral wellbeing in four simple resolutions. However, there are simple modifications we can make to our schedules that can create a positive difference. Perhaps, the greatest challenge for a pastor is taking the time to love themselves as much as they love others. (Matthew 22:36-40)

  • The #1 Need of Latino Pastors in the US

    Most Latino pastors share hope and joy and develop relationships naturally amidst community challenges.
    However, many pastors confess to being physically tired, emotionally drained, and alone.