Our mission is accomplished through virtual pastoral cohorts. Cohorts can be made up of individuals, or couples, and can be bilingual. Every cohort will experience the following:

Virtual Learning Communities

Virtual Renewal Retreat

Counseling/Spiritual Direction Grant

2024 Special Price: $399 – USA

  • Couples group: an increase of $200*

Limited spaces. Regular price: $1,999

Grant opportunities:

  • Renewal retreat grant: Up to $500. Depend on donations.
  • Grant for counseling/spiritual direction: Up to $600. Depend on donations.
  • Transferred in full and directly to the participant

Scholarships: You can apply to scholarships when filling out the cohort application.

We also offer suggestions to share this initiative and invite other entities interested in your pastoral well-being to provide payment(s) or donation(s) on your behalf. Click below for more information:

Fill Applications:

Interested in applying for scholarships can do so by filling out the application below. This application takes 15 minutes

Payment for the cohort:

If you want to sponsor a pastor, please go here: Donations.

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